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Terms & Conditions

1. BRAIN DRAIN – Terms and Conditions

1.1 This document’s contents present to the clients of Brain Drain the terms and conditions regarding the “Real Room Escape” event.

1.2 In case the client refuses to accept the document or revokes the previously established agreement, s/he will not be able to participate in the “Real Room Escape” event.


2. Terms and Conditions before entering the room

2.1. Reserved game may be cancelled up to 24 hours before the booked game. In this case, the game will be rescheduled for another convenient time.

2.2 If a player does not inform about the cancellation or cancels the booking later than 24 hours before the game, the game is considered to be accomplished, no refund and game time is not postponed.

2.3 Personal belongings such as cellphones, keys, bags, backpacks, books, pens, pencils, laptops, recording gadgets, food or drinks (the list is not exhaustive) will be left outside the room under the careful supervision of the Brain Drain staff.

2.4 It is recommended to arrive at the venue 30 minutes prior to starting the actual game, so as to have enough time for instructions regarding the event, your security and your health, as well as preventing any kind of accidents.

2.5 Clients who will be late will be given instructions in the time they were supposed to spend in the room. Nobody enters the room without acknowledging these instructions.


3. Terms and Conditions inside the room

3.1 The design of the scenario takes into account all necessary precautions and it does not comprise of harmful elements or objects; hence any voluntary or involuntary action of the clients that may result in harm (physical or mental) is the clients’ responsibility.

3.2 The game is based on rational solutions determined through deduction and does not require special abilities or uncommon knowledge; force, stunts or violence are in no way required to solve the puzzles. The solutions to the puzzles and codes do not involve altering the heating system, the electrical system or the surveillance system.

3.3 The client is not allowed to remove the “DON’T OPEN”, “DON’T TOUCH”, “DON’T TEAR” or the colored (red and yellow) stickers found in the room; they are there for the clients’ protection.

3.4 All damages that resulted as a consequence of the client’s activity in the room, during the time s/he was attending the event, are entirely the responsibility of the client; therefore the damaged items will be repaired / replaced by the client in case they cannot be further used.

3.5 Children less than 14 years of age have to be accompanied in the Room by one of their parents or tutors. Children between 15 and 18 must have a written consent from their parents regarding the participation to the event.

3.6 The game stops at precisely 60 minutes after the start of the reservation, regardless of the fact that the key was found or not.


4. Disclaimer

4.1 I, the client, declare that I understand the game’s instructions and I will not engage in any action that would mentally or physically harm me or my team mates.

4.2 I, the client, understand no object in the room is meant to be used and/or treated with violence and I declare that any damage to these items that are my direct responsibility will be covered by me.

4.3 I, the client, understand that Brain Drain is a game that is not recommended to pregnant women, people who suffer from any sort of heart conditions, panic attacks, asthma, infectious diseases, hypertension, claustrophobia, epilepsy or other similar conditions; I further declare the decision to participate is my sole responsibility, in spite of this recommendation.

4.4 I, the client, understand the Brain Drain staff can stop the game’s progress at any moment whatsoever if they observe instructions in this current document are not respected.

4.5 The copying, distribution, publication or uses of creative concepts belonging to Brain Drain are forbidden. Brain Drain reserves the right to use legal action against the individuals breaking these rules.

4.6 Playing under the influence of alcohol or drugs is forbidden.

4.7 Children under 8 years of age are not permitted on to Brain Drain Escape Rooms premises.

4.8 In the case of any material damage to the Brain Drain Escape Rooms caused by the players, players must compensate for the damage in full scope according to the price list.


Privacy Policy

This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy SERIOUSLY and will take all measures to protect your personal information.

- What Information Do We Collect? 
- We only collect information that we need that is related to your order. This includes your:

  • Billing Address
  • Email Address
  • Credit Card Information

In addition we also collect information on your IP address, browser type, and Refer URL data. We use this data to prevent hacking attempts, help us know what web browsers people are using, and find out where our visitors are coming from so that we can improve our marketing.

- How Is My Information Used? 
- Your information is only used to fill your order. We do not sell or redistribute your information to ANYONE.

Security and Storage.

Only your order data billing, and order contents data are stored on our server. This information is encrypted using a Secure Sockets Layer before it is transmitted over a web server. We do not store your Credit Card data.

Cookies and Browser Information

Cookies are small files that reside on your computer and allow us to recognize you on your next visit or store your shopping cart contents. We use them only to track this information.

Refund Policy

No Refund

Contact Information

1. Please email chicago@braindrain.com

2. Mail: 
Brain Drain
11 East illinois street,
Chicago, Illinois 60611


Contact Us

  • Chicago, USA
11 East Illinois street, 4th floor, Chicago, USA

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